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Harpist Janet King: What's new with Janet?

Thanks, Brides, for another BOLI award! - February 24, 2016

Thanks Brides for another Best Of Long Island (BOLI) award!  I received the LIWeddings BOLI 2016 award. 


Aw, gee!...

take harp lessons! - October 23, 2015

I have two excellent folk harps available for rent.  My various harp students went and bought harps off the floor at last summer's Somerset Folk Harp Festival -- Marini harps all around!!  I love those Marini harps, and my students heard the difference too.

So now my rentals have come home.  One is a Marini harp, and the other is a very good Blevins harp (that Alex Marini repaired for me last year!).

You can rent either one, and take lessons -- become a harpist yourself!  What an opportunity...

I have a new amp! - July 14, 2015

I've had an amp for many years, but I got a new one, and I'm very pleased with it.  For one thing, it works well on batteries, so now I can easily pump out the sound of the harp even for outdoor events where there is no convenient electric.  Very nice! 

Book me to play for your outdoor ceremony without fear that the harp won't be heard. 

try something really cool! - October 9, 2014

Wanna try something really cool?  Open my website in two different windows, with the sound up.  Then you'll listen to the jukebox twice at once...  It sounds really cool, right?  Let me know what you think!

superb harps at a budget price!! - October 9, 2014

Well, this is big news.  My new favorite harpmaker, Marini Made Harps, has developed a new line of harps that are budget priced, but sound utterly fantastic. 

They are AMAZING!!

You know, I've been playing the harp for over 40 years, and I've played many different harps, and I've enjoyed many of them.  But the Marini harps that I've known have totally knocked my socks off, for their perfectly gorgeous sound.  I have one; a student has one, that I still swoon over every time I hear it.  And now I've had the chance to play their new line of budget-priced harps.

This means that if you've always wanted to play the harp, now purchasing a great folk harp at a (relatively) modest price is within your reach like never before.  They are making a fairly large harp priced at around $1500.  Other harpmakers would be charging $4000 and upwards for a similar harp, and without the great Marini sound.

I think this is tremendous news.  Check them out; contact me to discuss it, and to arrange for lessons.

Marini harps for everyone!!

Another BOLI award! - May 6, 2014

Thanks to the brides over at LI, I won another Best of Long Island award for 2014. 

Thanks, brides!  It's a pleasure to play for your weddings.

a new folk harp!! - September 12, 2013

In July, 2013, I fell in love with a harp at the Somerset Folk Harp Festival.  Reader, I bought it!!  It's a 34 string folk harp made by Alex Marini/Marini Made Harps, called an Ultra Lite.  It sounds like perfection...  And it looks pretty, too!  (And it's lightweight, to boot...)

I love it...


another award! BOLI - January 28, 2013

I've been told that I won a Best Of Long Island award -- a BOLI award -- in the category of Wedding Ceremony Music.  Thanks, Long Island!  Check out the Long Island Press for more information.

working on Facebook - January 28, 2013">

I'm developing a Musician's Page at Facebook, where I can also keep you updated on the latest in the life of a harpist.  Please!  Like me!  Not on the personal page, but on the Musician's Page.  I have to figure out how to distinguish them...  Here, here's a link: OK, it doesn't look like that worked...


Well, I hope that works!

another LIWeddings Best of Award! - July 5, 2012

Well, it looks like I got another LI Weddings "Best of" award, this time for 2012.  Thanks, y'all!

New music, equipment - July 5, 2012

This is a bit of an insider's entry, but what's new with me is that I attended the American Harp Society's National Conference, and while there I bought a lot of wonderful new sheet music, and I also had a new pickup installed in my harp.  And I saw a lot of people that I've known over the years, making me feel like a member of the harp community! 

About the pickup:  Dusty Strings, folk harp manufacturer of excellence, developed a pickup specially for the harp, including one for the pedal harp.  The most noticeably special feature of it is that it is actually four pickups built into one unit.  The four pickups are distributed throughout the range of the harp, so that there is one located in the bass of the harp, one at the upper-most treble, and two more in the mid-range.  It makes for a pretty exciting sound!  Plus it sounds close to the natural sound of the harp, and I can just plug my sound system into it, real easily.  Thanks to Ray and Sue Mooers for developing it and installing it, personally, in my harp!

About the music:  I found a lot of beautiful Irish tunes (I love those!), country dances, some sweet pieces by Faure (a French composer), Mendelssohn, and Tchaikovsky arranged for solo harp.  And a reduction of Rachmaninoff's Second Piano Concerto, arranged for solo harp by Daphne Hellman!!  Quite a find.  I also got more Bach, transcribed for harp: one book from his cello sonatas, and another from his music for lute.

So, all of this is pretty much juice for insiders only, but at least you can see what gets me excited!

Sharing my music freely - July 20, 2011

My newest thing is right here:  I've posted a whole lot of music that I recorded, mostly at other weddings and private events, so that everyone can enjoy my music, for free!   There's now a music bar on every page at the website here, and there's even more music to listen to at my music page.  I hope you enjoy it!  Email me and let me know that you do -- I'll be happy to hear from you.

How did this happen?

Well, I got myself a lovely little digital recorder that makes recording music easy.  And frankly, I'm amazed!  All my life I've thought that it just must be impossible to record the harp well, because there are so many professional recordings of the harp that, well, just sound terrible!!!  Either the harp sounds tinkly and flat, lacking the rich architectural resonance that makes it so magical, or it sounds muddy.  And those were professionally done!  But lo, it's not so hard to record the harp satisfactorily.  (I can't understand how those other sound engineers and harpists settled for such awful sound quality on those recordings.)  I think this little digital recorder does great.  Go listen and decide for yourself!

If you are a fellow harpist (or musician of any kind) and you like what you hear here, email me to inquire about it.

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