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Harpist Janet King: Photos

at Atlantica, Westhampton Beach, photo by Mark Kopko (see credits page for link)
At Atlantica, too -- photo by Mark Kopko (see credits page for link)

a beautiful harp

on an arc of beach
harp in a meadow
A beautiful harp...
the pillar and crown
harp and sky
detail: handle
harp on the beach
soundboard detail
harp on a stone wall

Janet, a camera-shy harpist

harp and harpist (me, actually!) in a meadow
I can be very kid-friendly, if the kids are well-mannered!

more interesting photos...

at the Fire Island Lighthouse -- photo by Kevin Luby,
one of my folk harps
the folk harp in the woods...

my "strolling" harp and Renaissance garb

my "strolling" harp and one example of Renaissance garb.  These "strolling harp" photos were  taken by Jeffrey Studio Photography, who impressed me with their artistic eye and their generosity sharing these photos with me (
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