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Harpist Janet King: links

Facebook page

This link will get you to my Facebook page.  Please "like" me, and stay tuned for the latest in music up/downloads, photos, offers, where I'll be playing, and posts on the life of a harpist.  How can you go wrong with all that?

your homework assignment, should you choose to accept it!

This links to an article from the Washington Post, called "Pearls Before Breakfast." I think it's a great article! And it was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for feature writing, so I guess I'm not the only one who thinks it's a great piece!


Jack Roman, Photographer
Many of the beautiful photographs on this site were taken by Jack Roman, photographer. Jack is an independent photographer who has also worked with some of Long island's most elite photography studios, but you can deal with him directly. I think he's an unpretentious, artsy, human-being kind of guy, and I recommend him. Call him at 516-459-1174.
Jeffrey Studio Photography
Alan and Dominick, of Jeffrey Studio Photography, took the photos of me playing my "strolling harp" at a wedding at Flowerfield. They showed enthusiasm for getting a great shot, a thoughtful, artistic eye, and generosity toward me, sharing their results. Thanks a lot, guys! I recommend them, heartily.
Mark Kopko, Photographer

Mark took the gorgeous photo that you see at the top of this and every page on my website at a wedding at Atlantica of Westhampton Beach.   I saw him LOOKING, which many wedding photographers don't do, so I made a point of connecting with him and asking to see the results.  Good thing I did!! 

Spelman Studios, Photography
Spelman Studios took photographs of me playing my strolling harp at Flowerfield, too, and generously shared them with me. Thanks, Sue!


Father Mike Callahan

I've known and liked Mike Callahan for many years.  He's a thoughtful, open-minded person, and he does a beautiful, reverent ceremony.  He's on the low-key side -- he's not flamboyant -- so the ceremony is about you, not about him. 

He officiates at any kind of ceremony -- secular, interfaith -- but since he was ordained years ago as a Roman Catholic priest, he's an excellent choice for couples who want to include elements of Catholicism in their ceremony, but who for whatever reason aren't getting married in the Church. 

Reverend Nick Montanino
I've worked with "Reverend Nick" and he is relaxed without being irreverent, seems very accommodating, and still conducts the ceremony with enough authority to feel right. I like him! And he gets little details right, like inviting your guests to take their seats after you've come down the aisle (I've seen guests left standing throughout the entire ceremony because the nervous officiant wasn't paying attention!!), and having you face each other, not him, when you take your vows.
Keith Gugliuzza, NY Marriages

I did a wedding ceremony with Keith recently, and I was very impressed with his attention to detail -- for example, he knows to make sure the bride doesn't get stuck holding her flowers during the ceremony.   I like to see that kind of awareness.

And he also brought incredible beauty to the ceremony.  He opened with a statement that was so exquisite, I actually whipped out my new iPhone, discreetly, and copied it down!!!!  *sigh*   The man has a sense of poetry.  He seems like he'd be easy to work with.  So I recommend him.


Skyline Orchestras
Skyline Orchestras is the home of my favorite band in the whole wedding business, Code Bleu. If they are available for your wedding, you are fortunate! Grab them!!
Big Hits DJ Entertainment

This is a link to Big Hits DJ Entertainment.  They are a top-quality DJ, lighting, and entertainment company, and I've known Gerry for years.  I recommend them!